The Top B2B SaaS PPC Agencies

Looking for an PPC agency to help your B2B SaaS company? One that has worked with similar companies before and know what they are doing? We've put together a list of some of the best PPC agencies around for B2B SaaS companies.

The Best B2B SaaS PPC Agencies

I believe you should always work with an agency that deeply understands the nuances of your specific market. B2B SaaS and technology companies have some unique inbound marketing challenges that are slightly different to regular B2B companies and B2C companies. That’s why I’ve put together a list of some of the top B2B SaaS specific PPC agencies around.



London-based B2B SaaS digital marketing agency.


The Croc Agency

Where Fierce Thinking Lives.



Multi-award winning digital marketing agency.



Helps teams to earn the trust of prospects and customers.


Riverbed Marketing

Dedicated to delivering clarity, honesty, hard work and results.


Directive Consulting

Hit your SQL targets every time.



Smart data and human brilliance delivering digital growth experience



They use a unique formula of testing, tech & talent.



Passionate about uncovering new digital marketing opportunities.


Algebra Digital

Plan, build, and manage innovative campaigns that get results.

1. 93x / 93digital

93x is part of 93digital, one of the leading WordPress agencies in the UK. 93x is a sub-brand of 93digital and was founded in 2015 by Alex Price. 93x specializes in PPC and SEO for B2B SaaS companies with a focus on quality lead generation over quantity and driving pipeline and revenue rather than rankings and traffic.

93x are based in London and have worked with B2B SaaS start-ups, scale ups and unicorns such as Nexthink and highly funded scale-ups like Peak AI.As they specialize in PPC and SEO they are a good choice if you are looking for search engine marketing specialists who can unify your keyword marketing strategy under one roof.

2. The Croc

The Croc are a B2B agency that have been around a while, they were founded in 1990, so before digital marketing was ever a thing. They have 66 employees on LinkedIn and have offices in the UK and the USA. As they have been around over 30 years they are obviously an established agency.

The Croc do a lot more than just PPC and they also specialise in Media Buying which suits bigger brands. So if you work in an enterprise B2B SaaS or technology business then The Croc are probably worth getting in touch with.

The Croc was founded by Adam Wooff and he describes The Croc as a B2B CX (customer experience) agency so you get the impression that they are a bit more full-service that specialists.

3. Semetrical

Semetrical are a London-based digital marketing agency that work across both B2C and B2B space so they aren't quite as specialised as some of the other agencies on this list. They have 33 employees on LinkedIn.

Semetrical has been around for around 10 years. Semetrical claim to engage with your audience at each stage of the sales funnel and drive qualified leads with expert enterprise PPC services. Working the whole funnel using PPC is an essential part of success.

4. Gripped

Gripped was founded in 2017 and has 39 employees on LinkedIn. We make your investment in Google Ads, PPC, LinkedIn, and Facebook more accountable and deliver results based on strategies that work.

Gripped work across a number of paid channels so if you not only need support with Google Ads but also Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn then Gripped will be able to help you execute a complete paid social and paid search strategy.

Gripped claim that they will make your investment in Google Ads, PPC, LinkedIn, and Facebook more accountable and deliver results based on strategies that work. They specifically work with SaaS and tech companies so they know the industry well.

5. Riverbed Marketing

Riverbed Marketing is based in Vancouver, Canada. It was founded in 2013 and has 6 employees on LinkedIn so they are fairly small. They are a full stack B2B technology marketing agency that helps growing technology companies scale lead generation and accelerate revenue.  

As mentioned Riverbed are a 'full stack' agency which means they provide other digital marketing services other than just PPC. They are also a HubSpot partner which means they will be able to help you integrate and optimise your Google Ads inline with your Leads and MQLs from within HubSpot.

6. Directive Consulting

Directive consulting are specialists in B2B SaaS online marketing. They work across Paid Search, paid social, programattic and ABM. Paid media marketing can be used across the full inbound marketing funnel.

Directive consulting claim to get straight down to SQL's which is a bold claim indeed but they obviously understand the importance of driving revenue rather than just relying on top or middle of funnel lead generation. Over 200+ Leading SaaS companies trust Directive us to drive Results so they are definitely with considering.

7. Found

Found are a multi award-winning, digital growth agency who move fast, work smart and deliver stand-out results. They are based in London, have 67 employees on LinkedIn and were founded in 2005. They have recently been acquired by Tomorrow.

Found cover a multiple disciplines and PPC is one of those. They cover paid search, paid social, influencer marketing and display advertising. As stated on the Found website, organic search can take many months, and while effective, should be carefully considered as a medium-long term solution. PPC allows for immediate results which continue to improve over time thanks to intelligent data and optimisation.

8. BrainLabs

BrainLabs are a very scientific PPC agency, they have been around since 2012, have over 600 employees on LinkedIn and have offices all around the world.

They work with some of the biggest brands in the world which is great but it means if you don't have a large budget then you are probably not going to be given the care you deserve. They are however this big for a reason, they have built a winning formula and they drill it into their smart graduates.

They have built their own technology in-house to ensure their campaigns work even more effectively. They don't specialise in B2B SaaS but they have worked with numerous B2B SaaS companies. If you have a decent budget then working with BrainLabs may be a good idea.

9. Impression

Impression is a PPC agency with offices in Nottingham and London. They have over 120 employees on LinkedIn and were founded in 2012, the same as BrainLabs above. Impression are another larger agency that have been around the block and have won many awards.

Again like BrainLabs, they don't specialise in working with B2B SaaS companies but they have worked with them. As with BrainLabs, B2C companies tend to be the bigger clients for agencies that work across B2C and B2B brands, mainly because B2C brands spend and rely more on large multi-million PPC campaigns so the agency gets a larger percentage of the fee.

If you have a decent budget and want to work with a larger, more established agency then Impression may be another good choice of you and your company.

10. Algebra Digital

Algebra digital were founded in 2018 in London, UK and have 6 employees on LinkedIn so they are a fairly small outfit in comparison to Impression and BrainLabs. Algebra claim to challenge the traditional agency model and offer a far more integrated approach to growing their client's businesses.

Again Algebra are another agency that works outside of the B2B SaaS space and has worked with well known companies such as John Lewis so they are not specialists but as they are small they are likely to give you a lot of time and attention in comparison to some of the larger agencies.


All of the PPC agencies in this list are competent and have experience of working with B2B SaaS companies. That, after all, is the most important thing when it comes to selecting the right PPC agency for your B2B SaaS company. There are other PPC agencies that will be worth investigating but as you should probably only reach out to a maximum of three then you should be able to find the right agency here.

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