The Top 10 SEO Consultants for
B2B SaaS Companies

Freelance SEO consultants can help you and your business scale with great ROI. We've put together a list of some of the top SEO freelancers that specialise in working with SaaS and B2B SaaS companies.
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The Best B2B SaaS SEO Consultants

The best SaaS SEO consultants can help you scale your companies inbound lead generation through writing and optimising your websites content. Our list has been put together after searching for specialist B2B SaaS SEO freelancers and consultants.


Mike Khorev

Help drive leads, increase sales, and grow revenue.


Brendan Huffard

A consultant with a proven track record of success.


Hayley Lucas

Freelance SEO and Digital PR consultant for B2B SaaS.


Nik Andreev

High-level, strategic SEO consulting.


Tyler Tafelsky

Deeply immersed in the world of content strategy and SEO copywriting


Beth Gladstone

A freelance content and SEO strategist


Tom Crowe

A Freelance SEO consultant based in London, UK.


Kerry Campion

The SEO power-up for SaaS companies serving the creator economy


Michael Keenan

A SaaS Content Marketer and SEO from New York.


Ryan Berg

24 Years of digital marketing.

1. Mike Khorev

Mike is an inbound marketing consultant and SEO is a large part of inbound marketing. He'll work with you as an extension or addition to your team to create and optimize your marketing and sales funnels, drive more sales qualified leads, and increase your revenue.

As SEO expert and has 10 years of experience in developing and executing performance-based digital marketing strategies. He has helped many small and medium-sized companies improve their organic traffic, Conversion Rate Optimisation, drive more leads and improve their ROI on marketing investments.

On Mike's website you can read how he used his SEO knowledge to help time doctor become a 7 figure SaaS company and generate 20,000 trials per month.

2. Brendan Huffard

Brendan is a vastly experienced SEO consultant. He lists some impressive results you can read for yourself on his website. Brendan has actually set up a brand to cover off SaaS SEO consulting specifically called Growth Sprints. With Growth Sprints Brendan has helped take SaaS companies from $10m to $100m using a playbook that Brendan has designed himself.

Growth sprints and the methodology has been featured in well known publications such as Inc, Forbes and Search Engine Watch. You can get a free analysis from Brendan and Growth sprints if you would like to kickstart your SEO journey.

3. Hayley Lucas

Hayley is a Freelance SEO & Digital PR Consultant to fast-growing B2B SaaS and E-Commerce brands. She offers her consulting services in easy to understand packages. The "Test" account starts at $2,500 per month and the most expensive package called "High Growth" at $10,000 per month.

At the most higher end of the packages you are promised 20 links per month which have been verified using AHREFs. Hayley's speciality is working in Digital PR and link building which is often one of the hardest and most time consuming parts of off-site SEO so if you are looking to scale up this part of your inbound marketing strategy then Hayley should be on your list to contact.

4. Nik Andreev

Nik drives sustainable, long-term results. Nik's SEO suggestions are made primarily based on recommendations from Google, either taken from their official guidelines, advice from Google employees, or from the Quality Raters’ Guidelines. Often SEO consultants overcomplicate advice where as Nik listens to the company who built the search engine.

His recommendations and optimisations are designed so that they will deliver sustainable, long-term organic growth. Nik says he was first exposed to SEO when he was at school and experimented with building a website using FrontPage. Over the years Nik has been involved in building, optimising and redesigning multiple websites and baking in SEO from the build onwards.

Nik has worked with well-known companies and brands such as and Experian.

5. Tyler Tafelsky

Tyler is deeply immersed in the world of content strategy and SEO copywriting. TylerMy copywriting work experience extends into various aspects of SEO, ranging from in-depth blog posts to creative page copy. I enjoy research, content ideation, and assembling content briefs. And I also find flow as an SEO content writer and engaging in the creation process.

Tyler states that the SEO mindset is one that balances an analytical left brain with a creative right brain. Doing keyword research is one thing. Articulating data into an actionable strategy (and executing it) is another.

He was worked across both B2B and B2C SEO so if you are working in or with a B2B company that has a consumer and business side of the business he could be a great fit for you as the two different types of SEO have slight differences that usually stem from how the website was developed.

6. Beth Gladstone

Beth has spent 10 years working across general marketing functions, and the most recent specialising in content and SEO strategy. still informally advise many of the companies s worked with in the past and enjoy cheering them on from the sidelines.

Beth's experience means that she also mentors other marketers. She lives just outside of London but has worked with teams across almost all continents.

Beth is a specialist freelance content and SEO strategist helping startups to achieve scalable organic growth. She has worked with wellknown companies such as Eventbrite and SaaS companies such as countfire.

7. Tom Crowe

Tom is a freelance SEO consultant based in London, working with clients in the UK and around the world to help them increase their online visibility. He uses proven SEO techniques to boost organic traffic from search engines in order to help clients reach thousands of potential new customers. Tom works across B2C and B2B companies so is not just specialised in B2B SaaS.

Tom offers tailored, bespoke SEO services for his clients and doesn't believe a "one size fits all" approach. Tom's own website actually ranks very highly for the term "SEO freelancer" in the UK so the proof is almost in the pudding in this case.

8. Kerry Campion

Kerry has built the well named ou’ve got 3x as many things on your marketing to-do list than you can handle and you needed that content strategy like…yesterday.

Kerry describes herself as a Fractional Content Marketer & Copywriter who helps SaaS Companies Convert, Retain and Engage Creators. She has been featured online in publications such as Copyhackers and SEOChatter.

Kerry has built her profile and business based on knowing how upsetting it is to have shelled out $$$ for articles that promised to be well researched and “top quality” only to have to rewrite the entire thing yourself. Or, have agencies string you along for months as they juggle 20+ other clients. So if you have experienced this type of service before then reach out to Kerry.

9. Michael Keenan

Michael is a freelance SEO consultant based in the USA. He prides himself on writing no-BS content that gets results. Michael has worked with global SaaS brands to create content that establishes authority and drives sales.

He has worked with some well known B2B and B2C SaaS brands such as Shopify and Segment. Working with Michael you can discover and own your companies positioning with the same proven approach he has used for startups to Fortune 5000 companies.

10. Ryan Berg

Ryan makes our list as a more technical SEO consultant. He helps companies leverage innovative SEO models to build large scale, high traffic web assets.This means that if you’re a B2B SaaS company, that might look something like: Launching thousands of programmatic product pages targeting high converting, bottom funnel keywords.

Building a search optimized template directory that attracts new customers and supports customer success for your existing user base at the same time. Creating a niche focused knowledge base that establishes your brand as the #1 authority on a given topic and drives tens of thousands of qualified visitors to your site each month.

Ryan also works with marketplaces, digital communities, online training platforms, and non-profits. By creating unique, search optimized web resources we’re able to scale traffic, revenue, and impact. All while making the web a better place with thoughtful, high value resources.

What is an SEO Freelancer?

An SEO Freelancer is someone who specialises in Search Engine Optimisation and usually works for themselves rather than for a company or an agency. SEO freelancers typically have years of experience and work with a number of clients at the same time. Unlike agencies freelancers typically have more flexible working arrangements and lower rates because of lower overheads.

SEO Freelancer vs SEO Agency

A freelance SEO consultant is usually cheaper and more flexible than an agency which is an attractive proposition to a lot of companies and individuals. On the other hand, agencies have a wider pool of talent to draw upon and can often get more work down faster than a freelancer. With an agency you will also potentially have access to other services such as PPC. All this usually comes at a higher cost as agencies have low margins and often have account managers too.

What experience and qualifications should I look for in an SEO freelancer?

Review their portfolio and track record to ensure they have a proven history of improving search engine rankings and organic traffic for B2B SaaS clients. Additionally, it is beneficial if the freelancer has a deep understanding of the B2B SaaS landscape and stays up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and algorithm updates relevant to the industry. Effective communication, client references within the B2B SaaS space, and proficiency in using SEO tools tailored for B2B SaaS are also important factors to consider. By evaluating these aspects, you can find an SEO freelancer specialized in B2B SaaS who aligns with your goals and can help you achieve tangible results for your software product.