The Best B2B SaaS HubSpot Consultants

HubSpot is one of the most popular and powerful marketing tools around. If you want to get more out your HubSpot account then this list of HubSpot consultants can help.

Our list of B2B SaaS HubSpot experts.

2. Sam Turner
3. Carrie Gallagher
4. Jasper Meurs
5. Adam Foster
6. Mathew Deal

The Best B2B SaaS HubSpot Consultants

HubSpot Consultants can be hard to find, but don't fret, we've compiled a list of some of the best and brightest HubSpot Consultants around for your consideration.

Welcome to Team4, we’re a small but powerful digital marketing & operations agency based in London, UK. We help B2B SaaS companies improve their digital strategy and marketing operations to help them be as efficient as possible in their growth.

Former Head of Digital at a Platinum HubSpot agency, currently freelance copywriter and consultant to agencies, their clients and direct to businesses. Works with clients to establish and deliver high-performing and creative copy and inbound content marketing strategies.

Full service Inbound marketing leader with two decades of experience in owned and earned media: lead generating content, web and graphic design, SEO, email nurture campaigns, project management, training, go-to-market communication strategies, video, print media, PR, webinars, social media, events, CX, and how HubSpot marketing automation tools tie it all together.

I'm a results driven, Hubspot certified management consultant with extensive knowledge of current web and mobile technologies for use in marketing and growth strategy. Combined with a decade of professional experience managing over 1 million dollars in ad spend, I have become masterful and successful in understanding the way in which new technologies and media can be used to create value and growth through improving business processes and customer experience.

I'm a Certified HubSpot Partner with over 30 years of sales and marketing experience. I work with UK businesses to leverage technology and optimise processes to increase revenue. "I'd highly recommend Adam. He just 'gets it'. His knowledge of HubSpot, sales and marketing make him a 'no brainer' as a partner." - Martin Saunders, Managing Director at Rivertrace.

I am a growth marketer that focuses on brand + data to both produce and create consensus within organizations that our path forward is THE path forward. From challenging assumptions to using data to define and demonstrate what success looks like, I love making all and any charts go up.

1. Team4

Team4 are specialists in HubSpot marketing operations. As well as being a digital marketing & operations agency for B2B companies they specialise in HubSpot consulting.

Most growing B2B companies will use HubSpot as part of their marketing technology stack and because of this Team4 have seen hundreds of HubSpot instances configured for different types of B2B companies. They can help get you setup from fresh if you are just starting out, or they can help re-configure and clean up an account you may have had for years.

Because they are independent they are not bound by the rules of being a HubSpot partner. Being a HubSpot partner means you are part of their affiliate scheme and are incentivised to sell more HubSpot products. Team4 on the other hand can help you sort your HubSpot account out without any of the salesmanship!.

2. Sam Turner

In the capacity of Head of Digital at a well-regarded HubSpot partner in the UK, Sam assumed responsibility for the entirety of the agency's digital endeavours, encompassing advertising, technology, strategy, and content creation. During this tenure, Sam played a pivotal role in driving business growth and prosperity through the implementation of HubSpot as well as conventional marketing techniques. These methods included meticulously targeted campaigns and skilful copywriting.

Sam aspires to extend similar contributions to your enterprise. In the present, Sam functions as an independent consultant and copywriter specializing in HubSpot. Collaborating with businesses, Sam offers expertise in shaping systems' trajectories and formulating strategies for the HubSpot platform. Additionally, Sam extends a helping hand whenever a touch of extra assistance is required on the platform.

For businesses in need of compelling blog posts, Sam is available to dedicate a day to fulfil that requirement. Furthermore, if the organization requires assistance with a perplexing HubSpot portal that eludes comprehension internally, Sam is prepared to invest weeks in providing support. In essence, as an adept HubSpot specialist and seasoned copywriter, Sam, who frequently pens content on behalf of esteemed individuals incognito, is committed to guiding businesses in achieving tangible outcomes through their pivotal system. This commitment comes at a significantly reduced cost compared to most HubSpot agencies.

3. Carrie Gallagher

Carrie's career journey began at a Northern California semiconductor company, where they acquired an in-depth understanding of conventional B2B marketing practices, including activities like acquiring lists, employing print ads, issuing press releases, utilizing direct mail, and participating in numerous trade shows. The expenditure seemed wasteful, gauging return on investment was challenging, and the alignment was far from ideal.

Having limited direction in their life, they relocated to New York City to assume the role of a solo marketing department for an IT staffing/trading technology firm. Advancing to 2012, an account representative from HubSpot approached them with an offer to assess their company's "marketing grade." Accepting the proposition, they embarked on the evaluation.

The evaluation revealed a meager score of 23 out of 100 for their website and social media endeavors (what's your score?). This stark realization was disheartening. Yet, fueled by their competitive spirit, they resolved to elevate the score as swiftly as possible, despite having limited resources.They eagerly immersed themselves in the emerging "Inbound" marketing methodology, transferring their website to HubSpot's CMS, and initiated a blog addressing subjects that intrigued IT candidates: insights on interview preparation, strategies for management promotion, adept handling of resignations, and a plethora of other relevant topics.Beyond integrating social media accounts, blogging became their primary focus within the Inbound approach. The sole monetary investment made was in a "basic" HubSpot account (then priced at $200/month).

After six months, their score surged to 85! They secured a spot on the first page of Google for their market and harnessed organic search traffic to draw in new clients, effectively covering their annual salary expenditure. This achievement stood out as the pinnacle of their career, igniting a genuine affection for marketing.

4. Jasper Meurs

Jasper functions as an adept growth and marketing consultant with a specialized expertise in HubSpot. His profound affinity for data makes his engagement with HubSpot particularly invigorating.

This orientation translates to a methodology firmly rooted in data – guiding actions, quantifying outcomes, and providing lucid explanations. Jasper's true passion resides in comprehending the objectives you pursue, the demographics of your clientele, and the expectations they hold. This foundational understanding forms the bedrock upon which meaningful progress is constructed. Accompanying data is the realm of design, an essential visual realm carefully crafted by skilled designers known for their aesthetic finesse.

Nonetheless, Jasper acknowledges that aesthetics alone do not suffice for effective sales; they must be complemented by the scientific art of persuasion.

What sets Jasper apart is his elimination of guesswork. Bolstered by a robust analytical mindset and an astutely honed sense of consumer and market dynamics, he ensures a landscape devoid of squandered resources, time, or opportunities, thereby minimizing any accompanying frustrations.

Every strategic maneuver Jasper devises can be seamlessly monitored within your HubSpot CRM. This strategic integration empowers you with precise insights into the return on investment for each marketing endeavor.

5. Adam Foster

Adam is drawing upon more than 13 years of experience, this Senior Certified HubSpot Consultant based in the UK specializes in guiding businesses of all sizes to optimal outcomes. Leveraging a comprehensive sales and marketing background, they enhance the value of your HubSpot investment. Their results-oriented approach involves adeptly redefining sales and marketing strategies, facilitating companies in the realization of their overarching objectives. Furthermore, their proficiency as a seasoned HubSpot data architect extends to a profound comprehension of data hygiene and enrichment, enabling organizations to harness this knowledge as a driving force behind business expansion.

Adam believes data hygiene is fundamental to any business strategy. After more than a decade of working with UK businesses big and small, he has developed a method for cleaning data to drive decision-making and business growth. HubSpot is a sophisticated tool with advanced features and automation many organisations fail to utilise. Adam can also work with your sales and marketing teams to create efficient systems that generate more leads, close deals faster, and increase customer lifetime value.

6. Matthew Deal

Matthew Deal is freelance marketing consultant and is currently the Director of Demand Generation at Inman. Previously, he’s worked as a Senior Digital Strategist and Brand Manager at Atlantic BT. He’s based out of Mebane, North Carolina.

“Matthew Deal is a phenomenal marketer. We’ve worked on numerous acquisition and demand generation campaigns… Matt is 100% the first call I make when a new project comes in to help strategize and build an executable plan that will help the client focus their budget and maximize their success. He is one of the rare marketers, that is both creative and technical, and can strategize and execute.”

What is a HubSpot partner?

A HubSpot Partner is a professional or agency that collaborates with HubSpot, a leading marketing, sales, and customer service software platform. These partners have demonstrated expertise and proficiency in utilizing HubSpot's tools and services to assist businesses in achieving their marketing, sales, and customer service goals. HubSpot Partners offer a range of services, which may include implementing HubSpot's software, providing strategic guidance, creating and executing marketing campaigns, optimizing sales processes, and offering training and support.

HubSpot Partners come in various tiers, such as Silver, Gold, and Platinum, which signify their level of experience, performance, and client success within the HubSpot ecosystem. These partnerships enable businesses to access specialized knowledge and resources to effectively leverage HubSpot's capabilities and achieve growth-oriented objectives.

How much do HubSpot Partners make?

Regardless of the tier level, partners earn a flat 20% commission on their clients' HubSpot subscriptions. They also have access to a range of support, marketing, sales, services, and enablement tools, as well as HubSpot community support.

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