The Best B2B SaaS Copywriters

Looking for an experienced copywriter to help your B2B or SaaS company? One that has worked with similar companies before and knows what they are doing? We’ve shortlisted 10 of the best B2B and SaaS copywriters around.

Our top copywriters:

3. Brooks Lockett
4. Kayleigh Moore
5. Jacob McMillen
6. Louis Moran
7. Marijana Kay
8 Dayana Mayfield
9. Lily Ugbaja
10. Lizy Davey
11. Ritika Tiwari

The Best B2B SaaS Copywriters

We all know content and copywriting is the core of B2B marketing. Without great content marketing doesn’t really function or potentially exist! That’s why B2B SaaS companies look to work with copywriters who have specific expertise in SaaS copywriting. This is because it can be quite technical and requires some industry knowledge and an interest in tech to do a great job. With this in mind we have created a shortlist of some of the best B2B SaaS copywriters around with links out to their profile or website

Harry helps founders & teams communicate the value of their product with conversion-focused copywriting—so they can stand out in crowded categories, convert more visitors into customers, and experience predictable MoM growth.

Driving results like a 15% lift in homepage sign-ups for BrightLocal and 8000+ sign-ups through SEO comparison pages for Mockuuups Studio. Working with brands like VEED, SignWell, and 20+ more, Harry is your go-to for messaging, copywriting, and content strategy.

Hi there! I'm Kat (Ambrose) Gaddy. I’m a content strategist, writer, and designer who loves placing words where they are most helpful. When I'm not writing, I'm learning the ins and outs of UX design and building in Figma.

It's my mission to rid the business software industry of stale, boring, poorly-positioned & ineffective copy. My three bullets:- I have a deep background in SaaS, B2B & AI- I have a freelance copywriting business- Specialties: website copy, landing pages, emails, case studies, long-form content. I love online business, but I also love having my laptop and phone on 'Do Not Disturb'.

Freelance writer for hire. My specialty: Blog content, research, and reporting. My clients include Shopify, AT&T, and more. I also cover retail, DTC, and sustainable fashion for publications like Vogue Business, Forbes, Glossy, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company.

I help businesses improve their online customer journey through clear, focused copywriting. I help businesses get real ROI from their content marketing through longform content that ranks, converts subscribers, and nurtures leads. And I help freelance writers launch and grow their businesses.

I help tech companies develop their voice, reach their audience, and increase their revenue. Cyber security, FinTech, A.I., and EdTech. Get in touch if you'd like to work together!

I write high-performing blog posts for B2B SaaS brands that want to scale their content with a skilled, reliable writer. My blog posts are well-researched, in-depth, insightful, and practical. I've worked with leading B2B SaaS companies including Pipedrive, CoSchedule, Zapier, Nextiva, HubSpot, Wave, CXL, and Teamwork. The work I do stands out because I've built a strong, repeatable process for it, including a content brief, research and writing, and efficient feedback.

In SaaS, features matter. You have to let your features shine--but only the top ones. What else is important? Telling a story focused on the outcomes your product delivers and what users REALLY achieve. I help you communicate those outcomes so we can clone your favorite customers. I offer customer research with every website copywriting project. And no, that doesn't take months.

Generated $2m+ in client revenue from a single piece of content. I've helped brands like WordPress, HubSpot, Zapier, and more create what I call specific content. The old way focuses on competitor data, I use your own data to get you more of your best customers. Go to to learn more about my strategy, and book yourself a free consultation!

I've worked with 100+ brands to solidify their content strategy and help them cement their position in their industry through words. With a proven track record for boosting brand awareness, conversions, and authority, I collaborate with brands to help them realise their goals AND smash them.

I have over 8+ years of content marketing and writing experience. I help leading brands create content that fuels conversions and skyrockets search traffic. First Page Rankings. Higher Traffic. More Signups. Increased Leads. I can make it happen. Hire me for website copywriting, blogging, technical writing or ghost-writing.

1. Harry Lawson

Harry has worked with SaaS companies like VEED, BrightLocal, MEDDICC, SignWell, and 20+ more. From refining your messaging to skyrocketing growth, increasing website conversions, and crafting email and SEO content that converts, Harry can help you create an evergreen SaaS marketing machine.

Using his unique process, which includes deep team interviews and speaking with your customers to pull out your differentiated value to stand out from the competition. Recent results include a 15% increase in sign-up conversion post-messaging revamp for BrightLocal’s homepage. 8000+ sign-ups through SEO comparison pages for Mockuuups Studio (like this one). And driving over 100,000 organic visits via SEO content for his client Mailmeteor.

Harry offers one-off messaging, website, and email copywriting projects starting at $5,000, and ongoing subscriptions from $2,000 where you can access a senior copywriter to support your team.

2. Kat Ambrose

Kat has been a freelance copywriter specialising in B2B SaaS since 2018. She resides in Detroit, Michigan in the USA. Prior to going freelance she was working inside an agency in Denver, Colorado. Kat majored in Strategic Communication and minored in Professional Writing at The Ohio State University.

Kat has ghostwritten articles for companies such as RingCentral, SearchEngine Journal and also written featured articles for companies such as Loom.

Pricing is value based for Kat whitc means you are essentially paying for the ROI on the content produced rather than on an hourly or word count basis. Her fees include research time, keyword research and two free rounds of revisions as well as publishing to your CMS platform if provided with access.

3. Brooks Lockett

Brooks has worked with companies such as Looker, Impact and Yesware. He can support you by helping crafting “data-driven” messaging.

Brooks has developed his own unique process which includes an online content audit of your existing content before he writes one word. Brooks has more of a full-service approach to copywriting where he will look at everything you do and help you restructure everything from the ground up. This means his project pricing has a starting price of $10,000 for a project. He does however over a $250 per hour content consulting service if you just need some advic support instead of a full content overhaul.

Brooks is based in Charlotte, North Carolina in the USA.

4. Kayleigh Moore

Kayleigh Moore is a copywriter that specialises in writing long-form content for eCommerce platforms & the SaaS tools that integrate with them. She has experience writing blog posts and eBooks for clients like Shopify, Stripe, Klaviyo, and more.

Kayleigh can boost about creating 150+ #1 Google search ranking articles for client-designated keyword phrases and has helped increase organic blog traffic by 1800%+. Kayleigh also sells useful content templates on her website such as a freelance writer template.

Unlike a lot of freelance content writers, Kayleigh can also help you hire and scale your own freelance copywriting team when you need to scale up your operation. This helps you generate more content without comprising on the quality produced.

5. Jacob McMillen

Jacob McMillen is a SaaS copywriter who has been working in the industry doing content marketing for the last 7 years. He was worked with well known B2B SaaS companies such as HubSpot & Kissmetrics so you know you’re in good company.

Jacob has helped businesses dramatically improve their website acquisition and retention through better copywriting and content. One thing that stands out on Jacob’s profile is that he only works with new clients when he feels they are ideally positioned to benefit from his specific areas of expertise. If you are looking for help putting together copy for a SaaS business, let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Like most consultants and freelancers, before getting started with any copywriting Jacob conducts a discovery session where he understands what your business requirements are. Then its down to actual copywriting and beyond that he will work with you on testing and improving your content strategy.

6. Marijana Kay

Marijana is a freelance SaaS copywriter based in Dublin, Ireland. Marijana has come from a background in Journalism and has now found herself deep in the world of inbound content strategy.

She has also helped grow the community of Learn Inbound, a Dublin-based event and training provider for marketers and hang out with some of the top marketers in the world.

Marijana has worked with B2B SaaS companies like Appcues, Zapier. She has experience writing content that ranks on page 1 for highly competitive terms (like this post). Converts traffic into email leads (like this post) and gets linked to and shared long after it’s been published (like this post).

Marijana specialises in writing in-depth, practical, research-backed blog posts designed to get traffic and generate leads. She’ll also write content that is search engine optimized based on your long-tail keywords, including title, description, and images.

Marijana states that her standard rates for blog posts start at $850 per blog post. Rates are quoted per project and depend on complexity and word count. More extensive content, such as ebooks, start at $2,000.

7. Louis Moran

Louis Is a B2B freelance copywriter from the UK. Louis’s services include blog content, SEO, email copywriting and case studies. He has worked with some of the leading B2B SaaS agencies such as 93x and has also worked directly with clients such as Venafi, Avast and Scalable Path.

Louis will start by jumping on a call to figure out your goals, challenges, and the direction you want to take with your content and copy. Then after that, he’ll ”thrash out a basic plan” and then outline and share a more detailed strategy to help you achieve your goals with content strategy.

An example of the type of service Louis provides is highlighted by a quote from one of his clients: “I’ve worked with Louis on several articles for technology clients that require breaking down complex topics for a general business audience. He’s easy to work with, never misses a deadline, and is all-around reliable.”

8. Dayana Mayfield

Dayana Mayfield is a SaaS copywriter who has worked with the likes of Drift, GoSquared and Travel Perk. She has experience in QA, digital marketing and web design so she has some technical experience to ensure where content is written from a perspective of someone who understands how technology works.

One of her client testimonials on her website speaks volumes about the level of service she offers the companies and professionals she works with:

“As a VP of marketing, I consider myself hard to satisfy. The vast majority of copywriters I worked with along the years, were able write nice words but usually missed the point and weren’t able to capture the essence. Dayana is an exception. She’s much more than a copywriter. She gets it. She is good at researching and understanding what we want to say, she has a good eye for design and she produces content that really makes an impact. I guess that’s one of the biggest compliments a marketing writer“

9. Lily Ugbaja

Lily has helped brands like Databox, Hotjar, BetterUp, Hubspot, OptinMonster, and more create long-form content that ranks in search, drives targeted traffic, and helps crush marketing goals.

Lily says that one thing she has found is that “tactics to game the system change but the core principles of winning remain the same. Lily’s philosopby is that he should only publish content unless its the absolute best on the topic.W

Lily’s philosopby is that he should only publish content unless its the absolute best on the topic.

10. Lizzie Davey

Lizzie is a Brighton-based (UK) SaaS copywriter. In her own words she is “here to help you sky-rocket your brand to epic heights with copy that converts and content that attracts and traps your ideal audience”.

Lizzie has worked in the marketing, SaaS, and ecommerce world for 10 years and have worked with some of the best names in the industry. She has worked for companies such as Shopify in the B2B SaaS / E-commerce Space and Teamwork in the pure B2B SaaS space writing about project and resource management as just two examples.

Highly researched and full of the good stuff (we're talking facts, figures, screenshots, images, and everything in between) Community-driven. I'm all about creating community around content, as that's the best way to grow a band of raving fans Created with a pinch of something special (I don't regurgitate the same old tired content that's out there already - no one stood out by being the same, right?)Written in a way that resonates with your audience.

11. Ritika Tiwari

Ritika is a seasoned B2B SaaS content writer. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the B2B technology sector such as IBM and Warner Media. Ritika has 7+ years of B2B SaaS copywriting experience.

Rikita has a software engineering degree which means she is proficient in writing from a more technical perspective than a lot of copywriters can. She can help with all different types of content from blogs, landing pages, editing and proofreading.

But I don’t just get one keyword to rank and say it’s done. My exhaustive content research ensures that your content dominates the search results for the main keyword as well as other related keywords.

The Best B2B SaaS Copywriters

Great copywriting is essential to the success of your B2B marketing strategy. The difficulty is finding how to scale your content marketing strategy and work with professionals who know what they are doing and have done it many many times before.

The copywriters we have listed above are very experienced and because of this will be in high-demand, therefore don’t always expect for them to have immidaete availability when you get in touch and don’t be disheartened if you have to wait a while to work with one of them.

As with any service, the best companies and professionals are always In high-demand so consider this when you are looking at something as important as the copy for your website, emails and other elements.

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