January 24, 2024
Darren Stewart

A B2B KPI Tracker Template

A simple KPI tracker for B2B marketers to ensure they are executing sustainable marketing campaigns.

This simple weekly tracker has all the main KPIs you should be tracking as a B2B Marketer. This tracker is focused on keeping track of efficiency and conversion rates. It is important to measure conversion rates and efficiency metrics to ensure your marketing budget is being spent efficiently and sustainably.

It's worth mentioning at the start here that to be able track and monitor these metrics effectively you need to have defined what a lead and what an MQL is to your company, otherwise these metrics will be meaningless and inconsistent.

A screenshot of the KPI tracker.

I purposely have excluded any revenue numbers and conversion rates from this KPI tracker because it can often be done better within your CRM platform like Salesforce or HubSpot especially because you may want some more detailed attribution. Here is a link to the tracker if you want to create a copy for yourself.

Number of leads vs Main CTA Conversions

This graph tracks the number of total inbound leads vs the number of conversions. In this example we use a common target conversion (demo requests) vs the total number of inbound leads. 

# of inbounds leads vs # of demo requests

Cost Per Lead vs Spend

This graph monitors the efficiency of your spend. It tracks the cost per lead, cost per demo request (again just an example) and also shows cost per MQL demo. An MQL Demo request would be somebody who completes your main CTA (demo request) and also matches your internally defined criteria for a marketing qualified lead (MQL). The aim here is to monitor your efficiency as you increase your spend. 

Cost per lead, Cost Per Demo Request and Cost Per MQL Demo Request

# of MQL Demos vs Spend ($)

This is one of the most important graphs to monitor. Here we are visualising how much we are spending and our ideal return on investment at this stage which is an MQL Demo. We also calculate the cost per MQL demo.

This graph shows # of MQL Demos vs Spend ($)

Conversion Rate Monitoring

This graph shows the conversion rates we should be monitoring. Here we can see Lead to MQL conversion rate, the % of leads that are demo requests and the % of sign-ups (or demos) that are MQLs. Monitoring these numbers closely means you can spot any problems before you spend too much money trying to scale.

This graph shows the conversion rates.

This KPI tracker and the accompanying graphs are designed to be the basics and a starting point for you to build on yourself. You can create a copy of this tracker for yourself and customise it to suit your own needs. You may want to add even more metrics into this tracker or you may want to take some of the metrics out of the KPI tracker. If you would like to learn more about the different potential marketing metrics I wrote another article on this.

You can also help benchmark B2B SaaS Metrics by filling on our survey.

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