Darren Stewart
June 7, 2023

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Template

Looking for a template for a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy? I created this visualisation of a strategy you can use as a framework

It can be hard to visualise all of the elements that fit together to make up a whole B2B digital marketing strategy. After all, think of all the things that are included under the term 'digital marketing'. There are so many things you can do it's difficult to comprehend. Based on this problem I decided to sit down one day and create a visual map of a B2B digital strategy loosely aligned to the B2B buyer journey and funnel.

The disclaimer here is that its very, very difficult to include everything in something like this. I focused on including the most important and most common ingredients. Hopefully you can relate to it and find it useful. You may spot something that you have missed, it can be used it that way as a kind of checkbox exercise, have you crossed off everything on this template?

Download a PDF copy of the template by filling in the HubSpot form below, I promise i won't send you a load of spam!

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