A Marketing Agency Briefing Template

Briefing an agency well is beneficial for both you and the agency and can resolve a lot of issues that can potentially happen further down the line.

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What's inside

This Google Document comprises of the most common elements required in correctly briefing in a digital marketing agency. In total, it is about 4 pages long so it is not super short but not too long either. You are welcome to use this template as a basis for creating your own.

Timelines & Budget

Providing an accurate timeline is important to ensure expectations are understood from the start. The same goes for your budget. Being aligned on budget is one of the most important parts of working with an agency

Providing context

Providing context to your previously run marketing activity and the maturity of your marketing operations is really helpful for an agency to get some context. This helps them cover new ground and not going over things you have previously done or tried.

Some useful templates

The majority of these templates have been used by in-house marketers in their own day-to-day. They are made in Google documents and Sheets so to use them you need to create a copy and save that copy into your own Google Drive.

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