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Digital Marketing Report Spreadsheet

This handy spreadsheet can be used for weekly reporting and KPI tracking. It covers the main metrics B2B digital marketers should be reporting on.

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What's inside

This is a PDF template for a digital marketing strategy design. This is a visual way to depict the elements that make of a typical B2B digital marketing strategy. It matches the standard stages of the B2B buyer journey and utilises the most common channels used in B2B digital marketing strategies.

Weekly Metrics

Weekly reporting is an important part of working in Digital Marketing. Unlike B2C marketing, weekly reporting is the most important cadence to report on when working in a B2B SaaS company.

Keeping track of paid advertising

One of the most important parts of reporting on marketing metrics is keeping track of the amount of money you are spending on paid advertising and monitoring the ROI of your ads.

Useful graphs

We've also included some handy graphs into the spreadsheet. These can be used to measure growth and the scale of your marketing operations as well as keeping track of the efficiency of your marketing efforts by monitoring conversion rates