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House of Revenue® was born in late 2017 from the idea that small business owners shouldn’t have to struggle and throw away so much money on failed sales hires. Our Founder, Mary Grothe, had just completed her second stint at a Fortune 1000 payroll & HR company. As a top sales producer, Mary felt that sales came naturally to her. She loves the profession and set out on a mission to help small business owners build high-performing sales departments. Originally named Sales BQ® (BQ is the behavioral quotient), our firm helped 45 small businesses in our first 18 months. We built their sales infrastructure, recruited top sales talent, and coached, mentored, and trained salespeople in the classroom and the field. We were proud of the results, but there was a stark difference in performance between our clients who, on their accord, had a strong brand and marketing engine.

“I’ve worked for a Fortune 500 company. I can stack the Revenue Engine that House of Revenue built for us against that Fortune 500 company, and House of Revenue would win every time. Starting at just two months into working together, we’ve now broken our monthly sales record every month for the past 5 months.”
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