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What's The Deal With The llamas? Llama Lead Gen was founded by Adam Yaeger while traveling around the world with a work/travel program called Remote Year. The name of his group was the Denali Llamas, and having spent significant time in South America, the llama made a memorable mark on him - literally and figuratively. Llama Lead Gen isn’t just a catchy name and cool logo - it’s a symbol of the birth of a global strategic marketing business at an exciting time in the evolving world of work as we know it. We have grown from an army of one to a global alliance of experienced marketers who are excited to tackle your marketing goals and challenges with you. 🦙 Llama fun fact: They are highly intelligent, easily navigate the rockiest terrain and the highest altitudes, and they don’t bite!

"Adam Yaeger and his team, Llama Lead Gen is an incredible asset to our Ad Council team. We needed someone to jump in to manage all of our Reddit campaigns. Adam was super reliable and always there to answer any questions that we had throughout the process. They are incredibly savvy in managing our campaigns from start to finish. LLG helped us launch 3 very successful AMAs (Ask Me Anything). All of our campaigns were successful. Because of Llama Lead Gen's management of the media - we spent our budgets in full, had low CPMs, and reached our objectives. Their end-of-campaign reports they provided were exceptional. They were our teammates through and through. I'm looking forward to working together with Adam in the future."


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