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Richmond, USA
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The smartest marketing is WIP AF. When was the last time your market stood still? Change is the only constant in B2B tech marketing, which means that nimble learning, experimentation and iteration beat stuffy frameworks and proprietary methodologies every time. If your success isn’t always a work in progress, you aren’t doing it right. To win in this weird little corner of the world, the first thing you have to do is care — about your audience, about craft, and about the capacity of marketing to make the smartest person you know lean forward in an empty room and say: Yes. This. The good news: caring outperforms not caring every time — with practical, hard-working campaigns that make steely-eyed CFOs weep (or at least nod sagely and whip out their purchase order pads).

"The team has exceeded expectations on projects which they manage but has also proven that they can work well with the internal team. Velocity Partners is flexible and collaborative throughout all development and has proven to be a great long term partner."

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