August 20, 2023
Demand Generation
Darren Stewart

A simple brand awareness report using this free tool

Use Google Search Console to measure your brands growth for free with this very simple top tip.

Have you wanted to find a quick way of measuring your brand awareness beyond followers and likes? Well for B2B marketers there is a quick way to measure the growth of your brand using Google Search Console, and it’s free!

Google Search Console is a great SEO tool that gives you loads of useful information on the queries people are finding your website for, and the pages that are matching those queries.

What many people don’t know or realise is that you can use this tool to monitor your brand's awareness. It’s as simple as looking for the number of ‘branded’ queries that are getting impressions and also clicks.

The more impressions you have for a branded search query means your brand's name is appearing in Google Search Results more. From this we can surmise that more people are typing in your brand name into Google and therefore they are more aware of you.

It’s pretty basic stuff really but a nice way of simply measuring brand awareness. Of course it is not foolproof but it is a good starting point.

You will notice that if your brand is not well known you will not see many branded search queries in your results, with the opposite being true for a really well known brand.

You can use regular expressions to try and capture all the different ways someone may search for your brand name too, as we know people often call brands lots of different names and therefore people will type things a little differently too.

Google Search Console is one of the best tools for SaaS SEO and if you are not using it already then you should definitely get it setup and use it as soon as possible, and why not, it is free after all, and made by Google.

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