August 16, 2023
Darren Stewart

How HubSpot Events can improve Google Ads

HubSpot has a great integration with Google Ads. You can quickly authorise and connect your Google Ads account into your HubSpot account.

HubSpot has a great integration with Google Ads. You can quickly authorise and connect your Google Ads account into your HubSpot account and see all of your account information from with HubSpot.

Beyond being able to see the performance of all of your campaigns and ads from within HubSpot you can also use Events to optimise and improve your ad performance.

Google Ads is continuously shifting to a more automated and AI influenced approach to running campaigns. With advances in analytics, ML and AI, Google Ads is becoming easier to use for the novice, and requires less technical expertise to optimise campaigns, because Googles tech can do that for you.

To enable the technology to do its best work, you need to train it to understand which events are important to you as a basis. When we talk about events we are talking about events that happen on your website, such as filling in a form or clicking a button.

Algorithms still need training

We are not yet at the stage where a tool like google ads can know what actions are the most important to your business, so to be able to optimise your campaigns you need to tell it which events are important to you.

This is where using HubSpot Events can be a really powerful tool to help improve your PPC campaigns and also heavily integrate your CRM with your demand generation strategy.

Using HubSpot Form submissions to sync events to HubSpot can be useful if you are not confident in setting up your conversion tracking through HubSpot, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Examples of some typical B2B HubSpot Form Submissions

Using Enhanced Conversions with HubSpot

You can use HubSpot to improve your conversion optimisation by using something Google calls ‘Enhanced Conversion’.

How it works

When a customer completes a HubSpot form on your website, you will receive first-party customer data such as an email address, name, company name and/or phone number. This data can be captured in your conversion tracking tags, hashed, sent to Google in its hashed form and then used to enhance your conversion measurement.

Google in its hashed form and then used to match your customers to Google accounts, which were signed-in to when they engaged with one of your ads.

The Main Benefits:

HubSpot works really well with Google Ads. There are always new features being introduced into the integration. If you use HubSpot & Google Ads we recommend you utilise the HubSpot Events and Enhanced Conversions features within HubSpot to get more out of Google Ads campaigns.

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