September 3, 2023
Darren Stewart

The Best SEO Tools for B2B SaaS Marketing

A list of the Best SEO tools for B2B marketing. These are our top picks for your SEO software stack.

SEO is one the best and widely used channels for growing a SaaS company. Being top of the search engine results for relevant keywords can help drive lots of quality inbound traffic. Every SEO needs a tool that can help them achieve these results. We've outlined some of the best tools for B2B SaaS SEO strategies. A lot of these tools are used in multiple industries but we have included them as they are still best in class.

The SEO Stack I use for running strategies is shown below. It's funny how many different tools you can use just for SEO when you start to get into the real detail and want specific features. As always this is not an exhaustive list and its not one right answer its just what works best for me. The free tools here such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics are must haves in any SEO tech stack but people often switch SEMRush for something else like AHREFS instead.

b2b seo tool stack diagram
The B2B SaaS SEO Stack I recommend.


SEMRush is my favourite advanced SEO tool. It has everything you need and under one-roof and at the same time is pretty easy to navigate and use. It strikes a balance between being usable by individuals and in-house marketing teams and agencies alike.

Some SEO tools are built too much with agencies in mind so they include forecasting and pitching tools. SEMRush is powerful and can be used by anyone. SEMRush is still a price point that isn't outlandish considering what you can get out of it. If you are looking for multiple users and tracking thousands of keywords and multiple projects the cost will start to get pretty big very quickly so be careful of that.

Features useful for SaaS SEO

The features I use the most for B2B SaaS SEO are the Keyword Magic Tool and the Organic Research Tool. I think most other bits are useful but you can use more specialist software for other

Pros of SEMRush

Cons of SEMRush

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a tool that focuses on links and link analysis. It has some really detailed reports and you can get right into the weeds with it. My recommendation is that Majestic SEO is not for the novice and should only be used if you are going to be embarking on a career in SEO. You can use Majestic alongside something like SEMRush to give you that extra level of detail and analysis you may want when looking at a website's link graph.

Majestic uses Trust Flow and Citation Flow as metrics to determine the quality of links to a website based on 

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a desktop application that is free to use up to a certain amount of pages (i think 500). It is basically a piece of software that crawls all of the pages on your website and spits out all the data about the page titles, meta descriptions and image sizes etc.

Screaming frog is a perfect SEO crawling tool.

It’s a really useful tool if you want to do an SEO audit of your website to build a picture of the existing setup and configuration. It doesn’t necessarily provide you with direct recommendations like other SEO tools

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a great piece of software if you are looking for something as a small business owner or a novice of SEO. Something like SEMRush or AHREFs can be a bit intimating and too much detail, nevermind being too expensive.

You can use SE Ranking for as little as £20 per month with the basic plan so it is a lot more affordable and still offers everything you need to get started on working on your own SEO. You can track keywords, get content recommendations and much more in an easy to use dashboard and set of tools.

SE Ranking vs SEMRush

In a nutshell SE ranking is cheaper and still has the key functionality as SEMRush. SE Ranking is also a bit more user friendly than SEMRush. This is mainly because SEMRush has so many features it can be difficult to establish where to start and be a bit overwhelming.

If budget is a key factor in your decision and you are starting out on your SEO journey then I would recommend using SE Ranking, but, if you are looking for the most sophisticated tool and know what you are doing I would recommend SEMRush.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is quite a neat SEO tool that focuses on content and on-site optimisations. Like many other SEO content tools it uses AI to create content briefs for web-pages. These briefs show you what the top ranking pages do and make recommendations to your own content so that you can compete for the top spot.

Surfer SEO

One example would be recommending a certain amount of times a keyword appears in your content and recommendations on the total length of the page all together.

With Surfer SEO you can create data-driven content briefs that you can share with copywriters and therefore create content plans that are based on data and real insights rather than gut instinct.


Despite the name FatJoe is actually well known in the SEO industry in the UK at least. With FatJoe you can buy genuine links for your website amongst other services such as SEO blog posts as an example.

FatJoe can be quite expensive when compared to doing it yourself but if you have no time you you can use a service like FatJoe.

B2B SEO Tool Stack

Based on some of the tools mentioned above I thought it would be useful to list down what I would call my SEO tool stack so you can see how I use them and for what elements of conducting an SEO campaign.

These are the 3 tools I would recommend using but if I only had to pick 1 it would be SEMRush because it does so much more than the other tools.

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