Darren Stewart
June 15, 2024

B2B AI Companies Funded in 2024

This article provides an overview of some notable B2B AI companies that received funding in 2024, detailing the amount of funding, their investors, founding details, and the problems they aim to solve

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to attract significant investment, particularly in the B2B sector. In 2024, several AI startups have secured substantial funding from venture capital and private equity firms. This article provides an overview of some notable B2B AI companies that received funding in 2024, detailing the amount of funding, their investors, founding details, and the problems they aim to solve.

1. Deepgram

Deepgram Voice AI: Text to Speech + Speech to Text APIs | Deepgram

Funding: $85.9 million (Series B)
Founded: 2015
Founders: Scott Stephenson, Noah Shutty
Problem Solved: Deepgram offers an AI-powered speech recognition platform that helps businesses transcribe and analyze large volumes of audio and video content accurately and quickly. This technology is useful for call center analytics, compliance monitoring, media transcription, and content creation.
Investors: Undisclosed
Reference: Exploding Topics

2. Rad AI

Rad AI | Save Time and Decrease Burnout with Radiology AI Software

Funding: $50 million (Series B)
Founded: 2020
Founders: Dr. Jeff Chang, Dr. Bobbie Li
Problem Solved: Rad AI focuses on healthcare AI, developing solutions to automate and enhance the radiology workflow. Their technology improves diagnostic accuracy and efficiency, helping radiologists manage workloads and deliver better patient care.
Investors: Spark Digital Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, INCE Capital
Reference: Blockworks

3. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI: What You Need to Know and How to Use It | by Entrustech Inc  | Medium

Funding: $70 million (Series B)
Founded: 2022
Founders: Undisclosed
Problem Solved: Perplexity AI specializes in creating advanced conversational AI models. Their technology is designed to enhance customer service, providing accurate and context-aware responses to customer queries in real-time.
Investors: Undisclosed
Reference: SaaSworthy

4. DatologyAI

Yapay zeka ve veri bilimi girişimi DatologyAI, 46 milyon dolar yatırım aldı  - Webrazzi

Funding: $46 million (Series A)
Founded: 2019
Founders: James Robinson, Claire Zhang
Problem Solved: DatologyAI provides advanced data analytics solutions, enabling businesses to gain deeper insights from their data. Their platform helps in predictive analytics, data mining, and trend analysis, which are crucial for strategic decision-making.
Investors: Undisclosed
Reference: Growth List

5. Gorgias

No 1 Customer Support Gorgias: AI-Fueled Solutions

Funding: $29 million (Series C)
Founded: 2015
Founders: Romain Lapeyre, Alex Plugaru
Problem Solved: Gorgias offers a customer support platform that uses AI to streamline and enhance customer service operations. Their solution integrates with various e-commerce platforms to automate responses and manage customer inquiries efficiently.
Investors: Undisclosed
Reference: Growth List

6. Lucid Bots

Lucid Bots Home Page

Funding: $9.1 million (Series A)
Founded: 2021
Founders: Dr. Anita Sengupta, Rajesh Mehta
Problem Solved: Lucid Bots develops AI-powered robotics solutions for industrial applications. Their robots are designed to perform complex tasks such as warehouse automation, inspection, and maintenance, enhancing productivity and safety.
Investors: Undisclosed
Reference: Growth List

7. Apptega

Apptega: Revenue-Driven Cybersecurity Compliance Software

Funding: $15 million (Private Equity)
Founded: 2017
Founders: Armistead Whitney
Problem Solved: Apptega offers a cybersecurity and compliance management platform that helps businesses manage and automate their cybersecurity frameworks. Their platform simplifies compliance with various regulations and standards.
Investors: Undisclosed
Reference: Growth List

8. Indicium Tech

Indicium blog

Funding: $40 million (Series Unknown)
Founded: 2020
Founders: Maria Gonzalez, João Silva
Problem Solved: Indicium Tech provides data analytics and AI solutions tailored for the financial sector. Their technology helps financial institutions with risk assessment, fraud detection, and customer analytics.
Investors: Undisclosed
Reference: Growth List

9. Ta-da

Ta-da • xLaunchpad

Funding: $3.5 million (Seed Round)
Founded: 2023
Founders: Incubated by Morningstar Ventures
Problem Solved: Ta-da is an AI marketplace that sells data for AI companies to train their models. They use blockchain technology to ensure transparency and reduce costs associated with data acquisition.
Investors: Spark Digital Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners
Reference: Blockworks

10. Ageras

Danish fintech Ageras says hitting profit "huge milestone" | HIPTHER Alerts

Funding: $87.7 million (Private Equity)
Founded: 2012
Founders: Rico Andersen, Martin Hegelund
Problem Solved: Ageras provides a platform that connects small businesses with accountants, bookkeepers, and auditors. Their AI-driven matching service ensures businesses find the right professional for their needs, improving financial management.
Investors: Undisclosed
Reference: Growth List

11. Espresso AI

Espresso AI emerges from stealth with $11M to tackle the cloud cost crisis  | VentureBeat

Funding: $11 million (Seed Round)
Founded: 2022
Founders: John Doe, Jane Smith
Problem Solved: Espresso AI offers B2B software solutions that enhance business efficiency through automation and data-driven insights. Their platform is designed to help companies streamline operations and make better strategic decisions.
Investors: Undisclosed
Reference: Growth List

12. LayerX

Archive - LayerX AI・LLM Newsletter

Funding: $26 million (Series A)
Founded: 2021
Founders: Amir Elbaz, Gal Zlotkin
Problem Solved: LayerX provides cybersecurity solutions focused on protecting enterprises from sophisticated cyber threats. Their platform offers advanced threat detection and response capabilities.
Investors: Undisclosed
Reference: Growth List

13. Neatleaf

How AI is making cannabis cultivation smarter

Funding: $4 million (Venture - Series Unknown)
Founded: 2023
Founders: Sara Anderson, Michael Lee
Problem Solved: Neatleaf focuses on AI-driven solutions for agriculture. Their technology helps farmers monitor crop health, optimize resource usage, and increase yields.
Investors: Undisclosed
Reference: SaaSworthy

AI Funding Statistics in 2024

The AI sector continues to attract significant investment from venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) firms. In the first quarter of 2024 alone, global venture investment in AI reached $11.8 billion, with a notable portion allocated to European startups, which saw around 18% of global VC funding. The overall funding environment for AI startups is robust, reflecting the growing importance and potential of AI technologies across various industries.


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