June 7, 2023
Darren Stewart

How to Add Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics to HubSpot

How to add Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager into your HubSpot Website.

Adding Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager into your HubSpot account is very simple. HubSpot have an article about it here you can read, but I'll make it quick and simple for you here.

First you need to go to Settings > Website > Pages > Integrations

It is pretty hidden away but that's where you will see the below screenshot:

When you tick one of the boxes you will be prompted to enter your relevant ID, so make sure you have those to hand.

Once you have inputted your ID then save the settings and you are finished, your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts are now connected to your HubSpot account. We also wrote a quick article about how to track HubSpot Form Submissions using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager if that is also of interest.

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