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B2B Digital Strategy Infographic

A visual reprensentation of a B2B digital marketing strategy that you can use to design your own.

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What's inside

This is a PDF template for a digital marketing strategy design. This is a visual way to depict the elements that make of a typical B2B digital marketing strategy. It matches the standard stages of the B2B buyer journey and utilises the most common channels used in B2B digital marketing strategies.

Tactics & Channels

The template includes useful examples of tactics and channels typically used in B2B SaaS digital marketing strategies. These are aligned with the objectives for each tactic.

KPIs & Metrics

Is difficult to know which metrics and KPIs to track when so much is happening. Our infographic helpfully aligns each metric with the relevant buyer stages and the most relevant tactics and channels so you can see which ones align with certain parts of the marketing funnel.

Buyer Stages & Intent

Everything you do in marketing has to align with the stage a buyer is at in their journey.

Providing the right message at the right time to the right person is really important. Our infographic is based on 4 broad stages of the B2B buyer journey to make sure every element is aligned to a certain stage of intent.

Some useful templates

The majority of these templates have been used by in-house marketers in their own day-to-day. They are made in Google documents and Sheets so to use them you need to create a copy and save that copy into your own Google Drive.

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