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The B2B Marketing Operations Handbook Template

This template can give you a bit of a leg up if you want to create your own marketing operations handbook.

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What's inside

This template was made in Google Slides and provides you with an outline of a basic marketing operations handbook. The marketing operations handbook is an extremely useful and under-used tool.

Having everything documented in one place has many benefits and can help new team members and agencies get up to speed with your marketing operations setup and configuration without having to find everything out themselves.

Marketing technology

Documenting the tech you use for marketing is useful so that anyone can come into the business and immediately see what is what. In this section, you can document each tool with a link to it and list what it is used for. Listing the tools like this is also useful to ensure you don't get tools that crossover too much.

Core Marketing Messaging

Documenting your marketing messaging is a great way to maintain consistency when creating new marketing content and assets. In this document you should write down the core messages that align with your companies software.

Basic Personas

Marketing to the right audience is key. In the marketing operations manual, you can document the basic demographics of your key personas. Personas in B2B SaaS companies are often very similar just because of the nature of the sector.

Some useful templates

The majority of these templates have been used by in-house marketers in their own day-to-day. They are made in Google documents and Sheets so to use them you need to create a copy and save that copy into your own Google Drive.

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