May 15, 2023
Darren Stewart

Sample ChatGPT Prompts for B2B Marketing

Check out some of our own most popular prompts for ChatGPT & LLMs for B2B marketing in this article...

If you’re here then you’re aware of ChatGPT and similar LLM tools now being released and you’re wondering how they can be used in your job to improve productivity. We’ve devised some of the most useful B2B Marketing prompts you can use in ChatGPT to help save time (in our opinion!).

Below is a list of tasks you can assign to a LLM like ChatGPT to help with your marketing tasks. Simply replace the items in the brackets with your own variables and then hit enter. You can 

  1. Task: Create a personalized email template for reaching out to [target audience] at [specific companies], highlighting the [key value proposition or benefits] of our [product/service] for their [specific needs].
  2. Task: Draft a [word count] blog post that explores the impact of [specific topic] on [industry/area], providing insights into [key points or takeaways].
  3. Task: Generate [desired number] social media posts for promoting our [event/webinar/product launch] to [target audience] in the [industry/sector].
  4. Task: Compile a list of [desired number] relevant industry statistics and trends related to [specific topic] that can be used for creating an informative infographic targeting [target audience] in the [industry/sector].
  5. Task: Research and compile a list of [desired number] influential [industry] bloggers and thought leaders with active [social media platform] accounts, who can potentially collaborate on content promotion for our [industry/brand].
  6. Task: Create a detailed competitor analysis report on [number] main competitors in the [industry/sector], including their [marketing strategies, key messaging, pricing models, customer reviews], and any other relevant information.
  7. Task: Generate [desired number] A/B testing ideas for optimizing [specific aspect] on our [website/landing page], with a focus on [desired goal such as increasing conversions, reducing bounce rate, or improving user experience].
  8. Task: Compile a list of [desired number] long-tail keywords and topics related to [specific area/industry] to improve organic search traffic and rankings on search engines for our [website/brand].
  9. Task: Create a draft of a B2B marketing campaign timeline for [specific event/product launch], outlining key milestones, deliverables, promotional channels, and associated deadlines.

Content Marketing Specific Tasks

Here are some specific tasks you can request a LLM to perform that are specific to content marketing efforts. Content marketing is one of the areas that large language models can help the most. Mainly because at the moment they are largely text-based models.

  1. Task: Research and identify trending topics in the [industry/sector] to create engaging and relevant content for our target audience.
  2. Task: Develop a content calendar outlining the topics, formats, and publishing schedule for blog posts, articles, and other content pieces.
  3. Task: Conduct keyword research to identify high-impact keywords and incorporate them strategically into our content to improve search engine visibility and organic traffic.
  4. Task: Write an in-depth blog post of [word count] words that provides valuable insights into [specific topic] and its relevance to our target audience.
  5. Task: Create engaging social media posts with compelling visuals to promote our latest content pieces and drive traffic to our website.
  6. Task: Research and identify potential guest blogging opportunities on authoritative industry websites to expand our reach and build thought leadership.
  7. Task: Write an informative whitepaper or eBook that addresses a key pain point or industry challenge for our target audience.
  8. Task: Optimize existing blog posts by adding relevant internal and external links, updating outdated information, and improving readability and SEO.
  9. Task: Collaborate with the design team to create visually appealing infographics or data visualizations that can be shared on social media and other platforms.
  10. Task: Conduct a content audit to evaluate the performance of existing content assets, identify gaps, and develop a plan to repurpose or update underperforming content.

Positioning & Branding Tasks

Here are some more strategic and top-level tasks you can even get support from a LLM to perform. LLMs can perform large amounts of data analyse making them perfect for research tasks like below:

  1. Task: Conduct market research to analyze the competitive landscape and identify key differentiators that can be leveraged for our brand positioning.
  2. Task: Develop a comprehensive brand strategy document outlining our brand values, target audience, unique selling proposition (USP), and brand messaging.
  3. Task: Perform a brand audit to assess the current perception of our brand among customers, partners, and industry stakeholders.
  4. Task: Create a brand persona or archetype that represents the desired personality and characteristics of our brand.
  5. Task: Design a visually appealing and memorable brand identity, including a logo, color palette, typography, and visual elements consistent with our brand strategy.
  6. Task: Develop a brand messaging framework that articulates our value proposition and key messages across different marketing channels and customer touchpoints.
  7. Task: Craft a compelling brand story that resonates with our target audience, highlighting our brand's history, mission, and unique value.
  8. Task: Conduct a competitive analysis to identify how other brands in the industry position themselves and differentiate their offerings.
  9. Task: Create brand guidelines that outline the proper usage of our brand assets, messaging guidelines, and tone of voice for consistent brand communication.
  10. Task: Implement a brand monitoring strategy to track brand sentiment, customer feedback, and brand mentions across various channels, and make necessary adjustments to our branding efforts.

Using LLMs like ChatGPT for Data Analysis

One of the most useful and important use cases of tools like ChatGPT for marketers is the ability to analyze data-sets in seconds and provide useful insights without us having to manually review everything. Simple paste in your data and ask it to summarize its findings with percentages.

Here is a real output I received from asking ChatGPT to analyze some simple Google Search Console data and summarize the findings.

“In summary, the data analysis reveals the following trends:
Overall, the trends suggest positive growth in impressions, clicks, and CTR, reflecting improved visibility and performance in Google search. However, the slight decrease in average position indicates the need for further optimization to enhance search rankings and maximize performance."

A ChatGPT Prompt for Simple Marketing Data Analysis

You can use the below prompt to analyse Google Search Console data on a weekly basis. You can also ask ChatGPT to re-write these prompts for different tools. Simply ask “Rewrite the above for Google Analytics metrics..” etc. etc. The options are endless.

"Please analyze the marketing data for the week ending [date]. The data includes the following metrics: Google Search Impressions, Google Search Clicks, CTR (%), and Average Position. Please provide an overview of the trends observed in each metric, including the percentage changes compared to the previous week. Additionally, offer insights or recommendations based on the trends identified to optimize our marketing strategies moving forward."

The most useful ChatGPT Prompts for B2B marketers

I asked ChatGPT to produce a task list that would be the most useful for a B2B Marketing Manager and it produced the following results, so, have a look and it might be useful and give you some ideas for your own ChatGPT prompts.

  1. Conduct extensive research on the latest industry trends, analyzing a diverse range of authoritative sources. Summarize key insights concisely, highlighting emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities. Provide actionable recommendations backed by data-driven insights.
  1. Perform a meticulous and insightful analysis of competitor marketing strategies, messaging, and campaigns. Present findings in a well-structured document, showcasing successful tactics, unique selling propositions, and areas for improvement. Offer actionable recommendations to enhance our competitive advantage.
  1. Create captivating and informative blog posts on industry-specific topics, adhering to SEO best practices. Craft engaging content of optimal length, incorporating relevant keywords naturally, and providing internal and external links to enhance readability, authority, and search engine rankings.
  1. Develop a meticulously planned social media content calendar, tailoring engaging posts to the preferences and interests of B2B audiences across multiple platforms. Craft captivating captions, incorporate relevant and trending hashtags, and leverage multimedia elements to maximize engagement, reach, and brand exposure.
  1. Conduct extensive and strategic keyword research using advanced tools and techniques to optimize website content for maximum visibility and organic search traffic. Deliver a refined and highly relevant list of keywords and meta tags, along with actionable suggestions to optimize existing content for improved search engine rankings.
  1. Design and execute comprehensive market research surveys and interviews to gather invaluable insights on customer pain points, preferences, and needs. Analyze collected data meticulously, generate concise reports with actionable recommendations, and provide strategic guidance to inform marketing strategies and enhance customer satisfaction.
  1. Craft persuasive, personalized, and highly converting email templates for lead nurturing campaigns, product launches, and promotions. Develop compelling subject lines, engaging email copy, and clear calls-to-action to maximize open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. Incorporate personalization and dynamic content where applicable for increased engagement.
  1. Perform rigorous data analysis of marketing campaign performance metrics, including conversion rates, click-through rates, ROI, and customer acquisition costs. Generate comprehensive reports with visualizations and actionable insights to identify successful strategies, optimize underperforming areas, and make data-driven decisions to drive future campaigns' success.
  1. Collaborate closely with the design team to create visually stunning and highly impactful marketing materials, including infographics, presentations, and case studies. Ensure seamless integration with brand guidelines, incorporate compelling visuals, and effectively communicate key messages to enhance audience engagement, understanding, and brand perception.

There is an endless list of things you can ask an LLM to do. The key to improving your work-life is to figure out which manual and time consuming tasks are best assigned to an LLM rather than trying to do absolutely everything through something like ChatGPT. Trying to do everything will mean you spend more time using ChatGPT than actually doing the work itself.

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